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The SIX FINGERS, or the six fingers on a hand! 2×3, 4+2, 5+1 …, any formula is good enough with our SIX FINGERS, from the classic trio, piano, double bass, drums, to the quintet with horns. They all attend the Regional Conservatory of Limoges in Gaya JOURAVSKY’s class, and stand for the beautiful dynamic of teaching and musical practice which alternates small, middle, and big groups. Wayne SHORTER, Mulgrew MILLER, Michel PETRUCCIANI … will, among others, be what our young talents aim for. It will be their turn to seize the soul and feeling of this music for two much-awaited concerts.

Line-up :
Ambroise PASTIER – Double Bass
Antonin OZENNE – Alto Saxophone
Gabriel-Samir LAGE – Piano
Nicolas MAHASARO – Piano
Arnold LABROUSSE – Drums
Matthieu PONTICAUD – Ténor Saxophone

Friday November 24
6:30 PM
Limoges CRR auditorium

Sunday November 26
11:00 AM
Limoges Opera Foyer


Subject to available places. Tel. : 05 55 45 95 50

Master Class with pianist, composer Amaury FAYE

Considered as one of the most promising pianists of his generation, Amaury Faye personifies the new wave of jazz made in France. The many awards he received in 2016 (including First Prize at national competition Jazz A Vienne/Rezzo Focal, France; Best Soloist/Instrumentalist Award at international competition Tremplin Jazz d’Avignon and Public’s Choice Award at international competition International Biberacher Jazzpreis, Germany) confirm his undeniable talent as a composer and improviser.

In 2014, Faye moved to Boston to study at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, where his strong artistic reputation enabled him to study with renowned musicians such as NEA Jazzmaster Joanne Brackeen and Tia Fuller. This deeply inspiring experience opened the door to higher levels in his musical endeavour and thus, in March 2015, Faye received Berklee’s Jazz Performance Award for best jazz pianist.

In 2015, Amaury has moved to Europe, starting a new chapter in his promising career and with it a new trio featuring french musicians Louis Navarro (bass) and Théo Lanau (drums). In the following months they have quickly established themselves as an undeniable force and a revelation to the European jazz scene by winning five different awards in national and international competitions.