Photographic exhibition
From Thursday 2 to Thursday 30 November
Philippe REDON Restaurant – 14 rue Adrien Dubouché – Limoges – Tel : 05 55 79 37 50

Charlie Abad was born in 1948 in Rochefort s/ Mer. In 1967 he joins the National Fine Arts School in Bourges where, after the basic practices such as drawing, painting sculpture and decoration, he falls in love with humanist photography and on seeing Henri Cartier-Bresson’s photographs, he knows instantly that it is this type of images which brings him closer to sketching and rigorous composition. Having moved up to Paris, he shows his work in various newsrooms, and his first reporting orders arrive. After his debut at Tribune Médicale, he works freelance for l’Équipe Magazine, collaborates in Marie-Claire, Femme Actuelle, Le Pèlerin Magazine, the Pompidou Centre and the Louvre Museum. He also works in studio for orders from the publishing world. Noticed by Viva Agency, he stays two years with them.
His exhibitions have been seen in France and abroad since 1977. He recently completed a 165-image monograph entitled “Winks”, a book with a preface by Sabine Weiss, and which will be available throughout the month of November at the Restaurant Philippe REDON. He is currently living in Limoges where he keeps practicing his passion.

Visiting hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 5:00 PM


Painting exhibition
From Wednesday November 2 to Wednesday November 30

Initiated at the Fine Arts School of Cherbourg, DOAM has fueled her passion for painting and developed, for more than 30 years, her colorful style, rich with movement and spontaneity. Originating from Saône et Loire, the artist is currently living in Vendée, after 8 years spent in South Korea. Her successive moves and numerous encounters in France and in Asia have allowed her technique and expression to evolve, from figuration to abstraction. Her favorite themes, jazz music and water, allow her to free herself and to improvise to the sound of music by giving free rein to her intuition. Influenced by Korean calligraphy, as well as by the paintings by Sam Francis, De Kooning and Joan Mitchell, DOAM splashes her acrylic primary colors in body movements full of spontaneity and emotion, creating dynamic and colorful music scores that awaken joy and cheerfulness. DOAM participates in numerous exhibitions in France and abroad. Her works can also be seen in Royan and Rouen.

Visiting hours: Tuesday 1:00 PM / 6:00 PM – Wednesday 10:00 AM / 6:00 PM – Thursday – Friday – Saturday 1:00 PM / 6:00 PM


Photographic exhibition
From Wednesday November 2 to Wednesday November 30
Le Pont St Etienne restaurant – 8 Pl. de Compostelle – Limoges – Tél : 05 55 30 52 54

She practiced the piano and classical dance as a child, discovered jazz in her teens together with a passion for photography which both anchored her in that world where one travels in this fabulous universe of sounds and light, as well as in the emotional intimacy passed on by the musicians on stage.

A journalist and a photographic reporter for several years, a member of the Jazz In webzine, her eye intensely scrutinizes the expressions, emotions and knowing glances of the artists performing. Constantly looking for those unique and magical moments that touch her, she triggers on the fly, with no burst-mode and always freehand.

For the past decade, she has kept taking us on and sharing with us a new photographic stop each year, a world spiced up with energy and poetry, made up of portraits of musicians that she happily captures on festival stages in Limoges (Éclats d’Émail), Oloron Ste Marie or even Anglet.

In my view, music takes us along improbable journeys, moments of true grace, convinced that it can touch even the most insensitive human beings. Music is sharing and it also besieges our emotions by connecting us intimately with the musicians”.


Photographic exhibitions

“Eclats D’Email Jazz Edition retrospectives”
BMW MOTORRAD ADVENTURE – Avenue du Président Kennedy – from October 24 to November 30

“Piano folies”
Beaubreuil BFM – 1 Place de Beaubreuil – from November 2 to November 30

“Eclats D’Email Jazz Edition retrospectives”
La Bastide BFM – 45 rue Georges Braque – from November 2 to November 30

“Wide shots”
Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Limoges – 9 rue Fitz James – from November 2 to November 30

For over 10 years now, Photolim 87 has offered to the photographers from Limoges and the Limousin region a collective structure able to gather and federate them through joint projects (exhibitions, workshops, themed outings etc) and discussions around photography, in an open and convivial spirit of interactivity. For over 10 years, the Eclats D’Email Jazz Edition Festival has had every year the great pleasure to present the photographic works and achievements of this association of enthusiasts.
Photolim 87 has over 50 members who regularly participate in the activities proposed by the association. The game rule is simple: each Photolim 87 photographer is invited to bring his/her projects, likes, achievements and experience to benefit the other members. As for a photographic “Spanish inn”, the diversity of talents gathered by Photolim 87 constitutes its richness, its interest, with the aim of creating a photographic emulation for all.
For this 18th edition, we will present an exhibition at the La Bastide BFM, one at the Beaubreuil BFM around a theme on pianists and keyboard players invited on the previous Editions, and finally a quite unprecedented one at our partner’s, BMW ADVENTURE MOTORRAD.

Patrick Pouhaër « Les Légendes du Jazz »

Photographic exhibition
From Wednesday November 2 to Wednesday November 30
CCL Jean Gagnant – 7 Avenue Jean Gagnant – Limoges – Tél : 05 55 45 94 00

Patrick Pouhaër was a student in Paris in the 1980s. A jazz enthusiast, he would spend much time at the New Morning, the Petit Journal Montparnasse, the Baisé Salé, always armed with his Minolta and its 200mm zoom lens. His pictures, shot at 1/30 second without flash, engraved on 400 Asa Tmax black & white film, have captured the big names of Jazz. This exhibition retraces the journey of the fan photographer, from Rhoda Scott to Elvin Jones, from Pharoah Sanders to Archie Schepp, from Dizzy Gillespie to Art Blakey, from Chet Baker to Miles Davies. As much photographs for as many Jazz legends.