A selection of portraits of women on today’s jazz stages
A travelling exhibition produced by the JAZZ IN editorial office
Marylène CACAUD / Florence DUCOMMUN / J.Paul GAMBIER / Jean-Yves MOLINARI

From November 2 to November 30 – Jean Gagnant Cultural Center – 7 Avenue Jean Gagnant – Limoges – Tel: 05 55 45 94 00

For over 10 years, the JAZZ IN team have criss-crossed the short-cuts of France’s today’s jazz, with a strong attraction for its southern part. From festivals to club stages, our reporters bring us back each year a harvest of exclusive interviews and spontaneous pictures like so many evidences of the diversity of the worlds of jazz and improvised musics.

Our productions promote today’s jazz, creative musics and innovative projects, discovering and showing new talents, primarily at a regional level. Our women-led team is made up to assure gender parity. It is therefore logical that we also focus on giving a prominent place to women in our publications and devote the first photo exhibition produced by JAZZ IN to them.

Jazz actu-ELLES is the result of a selection of around fifty photographs of female musicians taken by four photographers of our editorial staff. Two women and two men, whose biographies are enclosed here. Due to the importance of encouraging the emergence of women in this musical genre, we have intentionally privileged instrumentalists rather than vocalists.

These photos were shot throughout France during concerts in which JAZZ IN was the media partner in Anglet, Arles, Avignon, Junas, Limoges, Luz St Sauveur, Marciac, Marseille, Montpellier, Perpignan, Poitiers, St Rémy de Provence, Tulle, Vauvert, Vitrolles.
After an opening vernissage at the Cité des Arts of Montpellier in September 2023, the exhibition started to travel and made stops in Perpignan for the Jazzèbre Festival and in Avignon at the AJMI Jazz Club. It will continue to the Junas (30) and Éclats d’Émail (Limoges) jazz festivals.


Marylène CACAUD

The practice of the piano and classical dancing in her childhood, the encounter with jazz in her teens, along with a passion for photography, have forever anchored Marylène Cacaud in that world where one travels through the fabulous universe of sound, of sounds and light, as well as in the emotional privacy passed on by the musicians on the stage.

A photojournalist for several years, she joins the JAZZ IN team; her eye scrutinizes intensively the performing artists’ expressions, emotions, body language and complicit glances. Constantly looking for those unique moments that move her, she triggers impromptu, without burst mode and freehandedly. She happily seizes each one of her shots on stage and backstage at the Éclats d’Émail Festival of Limoges, at Oloron Sainte Marie or even at Anglet.



Florence Ducommun was born in Nancy and her tastes in jazz and photography were very soon predestined by what she would listen to in her teens and by the  gift from her father for her twentieth birthday, an FTB Canon camera. Her medical studies and the birth of four children toned down her passion a little. After arriving in the Avignon area in 2004, she waited until 2012 to pick up back her camera, then a digital Olympus Omd-Em5, and travelled the local jazz clubs and numerous festivals, not mentioning Paris and other regions. She developedher skills in contact with a number of photographers and prefers black and white photography.

From 2014 to 2019, Florence contributed to the CultureJazz website, then joined the team of the JAZZ IN website of Montpellier in the summer of 2021. She currently works with an Olympus Omd-Em10 Mark3 camera.



At first passionate about the Blues and a fan of Cream’s live improvisations, J-Paul Gambier enters jazz through Pharoah Sanders’ album “Tauhid” and the Paris concerts  of C. Mingus, A. Shepp and P. Bley in the 70s. He gets involved in the organization of jazz concerts in Toulouse between 1978 and 1981 within the Jazzimuts association. Paul Motian, Don Cherry, Albert Mangelsdorf, the Chicago Art Ensemble and all the young talents of the free (or not) French scene of the time are also for him opportunities for encounters and sound recordings in which improvisation reigns.

After a career as an engineer along with a militant commitment in citizen media, he founds JAZZ IN as a multimedia workshop.

Initially a sound recorder, he also becomes an image recorder, a researcher of raw emotions that he declines in black and white as well as in colour.



1971 : Sun Ra and his Astro Infinity Arkestra in the autumn dreariness of Bordeaux.

March 1975 : the ardent Brotherhood of Breath in Reims.

July 1984 : Miles playing for the Milky Way in the arenas of Nîmes.

There are concerts we can never forget and the passion for jazz lasts a lifetime.

A teacher in the Vienne department, Jean-Yves Molinari creates with his friend and stand-up bass player Michel Chenuet the Jazzimut (without an s) association to organize his concerts. He learns the basics of shooting with Hervé Rabot and Claude Pauquet.

He has taken a number of photos of festivals, often during sound-checks and rehearsals (Vague de Jazz on the Vendée coast, Jazz in Luz, Bruisme in Poitiers, Jazzèbre …) before joining the JAZZ IN team. How can a photo keep track of those dazzling insights and the state of grace that comes through the worlds of jazz ?

The lights, the gestures, the looks, the fleeting moment when everything can fall into place between composition and imbalance. The encounter with the image is brought to life at each concert.


“Discover how wood becomes music thanks to craftsmen”

From November 14 to December 22 2024 at Cité des métiers et des arts of Limoges
Tuesday to Saturday 10:00 am to 12:30 pm – 2:00pm to 6:00 pm
Exceptionally open on Sundays during the Éclats d’Émail Jazz Festival

Dive into the heart of musical craftsmanship with a unique exhibition dedicated to stringed-instrument making highlighting the prestigious heritage of the Mirecourt national school. Discover how these instruments are conceived. More than merely explaining, we explore how the design and construction of these instruments inspire an interpretation that is unique in music as well as in plastic and sculptural arts. Dive into the harmony of past and present, where each instrument tells a story so rich in tones and creative spirit !