Their eyes are our memory of the festival, their talents and personalities have become more apparent over time and the prints offered remain a real invitation to travel and emotion. Take some time to discover the quality of the work they propose : a good way to rediscover the previous editions.


Photo : Jean Pierre NEYMOND


Photographic exhibition
From Thursday November 17 to Saturday November 26 from 2:00 to 6:00 PM
Cité des Métiers et des Arts – Rue de la Règle – Limoges – Tél : 05 55 33 86 86

It seemed almost obvious. For 17 years now we have rubbed our shoulders together, we have collaborated, we have gathered around the book “ Festival Eclats D’Email Jazz Edition – Vol.1”, a look back at the 2006 – 2011 period. How can we see again what made us dream, what made our eyes sparkle during all this time? The artists, and particularly the photographers, are here to remind us of what is nice to hear and to see. This collection work and this selection within our famous collective of enthusiasts, remind us of our former presences and our absolute need to feel alive and to live in the present. From November 17 to November 27, in the incredible space of the vaulted halls and basement of the Cité des Métiers et des Arts, nearly 200 photographs of magic, fun and joy, not to mention an area dedicated to the “Gueules Sèches” and their two participations in the festival.

The Collective : Jean Pierre NEYMOND / Christian BROALLIER / Charlie ABAD / Didier RADIGUET / Stéphane BERNARD / Bernard LAZERAS / Marylène CACAUD / Patrice MESSINGUERAL / Sébastien ARICO / Maryline LEBRET / Christophe PEAN / Thaï Binh B NGUYEN  / Isabelle GOUGIS / David KEAST / Nicolas GARDELEIN

Photo : Marylène CACAUD


Photographic exhibition
From Wednesday November 2 to Wednesday November 30
BFM de Beaubreuil – Place de Beaubreuil – Limoges – Tél : 05 55 35 00 60

A photographic retrospective completed by attentive and passionate eyes and lenses is offered by the Bibliothèque Francophone Multimédia in Beaubreuil as part of the festival, after years of loyalty and involvement within this culturally rich neighbourhood, and above all a focal point favoured by the public. For this 17 th edition, Marylène CACAUD, Bernard LAZEYRAS, Didier RADIGUET and Charlie ABAD will offer us a “BFM Beaubreuil Special” selection of previously unpublished prints with a great deal of connivance with Marie Line DUFAY and her team, at work for all these years to make the place vibrate to the sound and image of Jazz.

Photo : Photolim 87


Photographic exhibition
From Wednesday November 2 to Wednesday November 30
BFM de La Bastide – 45 rue Georges Braque – Limoges – Tél : 05 55 45 85 20

A new venue among the branches of the Bibliothèque Francophone Multimédia, La Bastide will host us from November 2 to November 30. On the live music side, we’ll be happy to present Gaspard GUERRE’s creation, “TRANSLATION MAO”, on Friday November 18 and on the exhibition side, the PHOTOLIM 87 Collective will present a completely original and unpublished selection. The La Bastide BFM has included the programme of urban renewal of the La Bastide neighbourhood, open to all, with entertainment room, exhibition area and multimedia area, where PHOTOLIM will show a scroll of over 300 images made during the 16 previous editions. “ We aimed at combining beauty and usefulness” said Julien BARLIER, director of the network of the BFM of Limoges during the inauguration, early 2022. A bet more than successful.