Be Curious… Maybe Jazz, the Jazz & Improvised Music season

Patiently and resolutely, the Éclats D’Émail Jazz Édition association is building a favourable environment for the spreading, creation and development of jazz and improvised musics on our territory. Though the festival remains the spearhead of our activity, we found it necessary to create a season of concerts throughout the year. With the support and commitment of the Departmental Council of Haute-Vienne, through its facility, Espace Noriac, a first season will therefore start as of next September 8 at the rate of a concert a month until June 2023. This programming will try to respect a balance as perfect as possible between local bands, French or international artists that you must absolutely discover (or see again to our delight) and great figures of jazz that have initiated or represent very specific currents as for the evolution and richness of this musical aesthetics.