Photo : DR

He was born from the union of Mother Earth and a penniless minstrel ; Lazcar Volcano has just landed on the French centre stage, propelled by an outburst explosion. His mission : saving the Living from the grip of artistic formatting. From his eternal mother, he has inherited the superpowers of the atavistic chants and rythms descended from oral traditions (Maloya, Samba, Cuban sound). His precarious father left him the rebel force of urban sounds (Hip-hop, Afrobeat, Funk, Ska). In his mineral body, you will find traces of the sand of the Rio de Janeiro beaches, a piece of asphalt from the Seine Saint Denis ‘burbs, a handful of dirt from Lagos, a few Caribbean stones, an ounce of a Louisiana marshy slough or even a small coral bead from Réunion … sometimes it is a brass band from New Orleans playing Zamba, sometimes a chamber music ensemble accompanying a rapper or else an Afrobeat group interpreting Brazilian Choro. No more, no less, Lazcar Volcano is sheer refinement, delicacy and savagery, the raw and the cooked, raw romanticism.

Line-up :
Michel Berelowitch – Trombone, vocals
Olivier Miconi – Trumpet, vocals
Jean-Michel Mercier – Alto saxophone, vocals
Jon Lopez de Vicuña – Baritone saxophone, vocals
Arnaud Vecrin – Electric guitar, vocals
Brice Perda – Sousaphone, voice
Thibaut Gueriaux – Percussion, vocals
Côme Huveline or Florent Berteau – Drums

10:30 PM


Offered by the Ambassade, the Eclats D’Email Jazz Edition Festival and its Partners Club