Photo : DR

The Cuban salsa orchestra, La Mecanica, brilliantly performs the music of Portabales, Arseno Rodrigues, Ignacio Piñero, Nico Saquito, the best voices of Cuban music. From concerts to festivals, La Mecanica reconciles all those for whom the expression of the body through dance is something other than mere gesticulations. The good humour conveyed by this music through its fusion is reassuring, everyone feels involved, a real treat. A societal model. La Mecanica is pure vitamin C.

Line-up :
Ricardo Flores – Vocals, guiro
Olivier Oliver – Piano
Jean-Marc Taboury – Trumpet, backing vocals
Cédric Poilly – Trombone, backing vocals
Daniel Nomer – Bass
Laurent Grand – Congas, backing vocals
Hervé Robles – Timpani

10:30 PM


Offered by the Ambassade, the Eclats D’Email Jazz Edition Festival and its Partners Club