Resumption of cooperations between the Eclats D’Email Jazz Edition Festival and the Limoges Conservatory with Regional Radiance, with the common will to work over the long term and to open more and more all our possible spaces for sharing. Edition 2022 will result in two concerts by the Jazz Class, the presence of a large-format photographic exhibition throughout the month of November, a Master Class offered to double bassist Kham Meslien, and other attentions that will enable the CRR’s students to live the event to the fullest.

The Jazz Class of the CRR, directed by Gaya Jouravsky, focuses on the courses delivered to CHAM pupils (classes with specific schedules in music) from 1st year to 3rd year. Individual jazz piano courses (from the 2nd cycle), improvisation and harmony courses as well as a work of rhythmic section and jazz combo. Its goal is to introduce pupils to expression and improvisation in jazz, by sharpening their harmonic and stylistic understanding. Work is focused on group listening and playing, which are the driving force of stage and artistic presence.

This jazz orchestra has existed within the Conservatory for 10 years now ; it is open to the pupils of the Conservatory and to students from outside. This band is composed of 18 pupils (rhythmic section and wind section) from the end of the 1st cycle to the level of graduation. The repertoire covered is highly varied, from swing to jazz funk, including the various musical trends that have passed through this musical aesthetics for more than a century.

Photo : Jean-Michel Delage

Master Class with double bassist and composer Kham MESLIEN

A curious and demanding musician, Kham Meslien supports numerous projects. Along his career as a polymorphous double bassist, he has developed an interest in all forms of artistic expression. He grabs new and unusual encounters between arts, as long as they place great emphasis on improvisation. Apart from being a member of the Lo’jo band, he has worked with Robert Plant, Archie Shepp, Robert Wyatt, Santa Macairos Orkestra, Sweetback, Thomas Pitiot and Batlik, Kwal (Vincent Loiseau) or else Kent. As part of the Eclats D’Email Jazz Edition Festival, with the Limoges Conservatory with Regional Radiance, he will provide Master Classes in October on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 and in November from Wednesday 23 to Saturday 26 for Gaya Jouravsky’s Jazz Class; Kham Meslien has been offering solo concerts since 2020 and we will greet one in Limoges during the 1st semester of 2023. A new adventure, introspective and shared

6:00 PM
Auditorium du Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Limoges

2:00 PM
Foyer de l’Opéra de Limoges


Depending on available places