Photo : Alexandre Lacombe

Founded just over ten years ago, the Supersonic of saxophonist and vocalist Thomas de Pourquery is a hellish stellar machine which, since its creation, has been around all the jazz festivals and other musical galaxies. With its ardour and unique talent, the band has convinced all the critics and introduced a variety of audiences to pianist Sun Ra’s heavenly joys. Voted album of the year at the Victoires du Jazz 2014, Artist of the year in 2017, 2021 marks a new repertoire and a third album, « Back to the Moon », composed during the first confinement, with his band of extra-instrumentists and inseparable comrades. A music still under Sun Ra’s influence of course, but also John Coltrane’s, Charles Mingus’s or else Caetano Veloso’s, a deep pulse produced by the great black music. Firmly anchored in the jazz tradition and its head buried in all the current world sound with an electro-pop influence now clearer, and a Thomas de Pourquery who, as time goes by, shows himself as a reference modern-day crooner.

Line-up :
Thomas de Pourquery – vocals, alto saxophone
Laurent Bardainne – tenor saxophone, keyboards, vocals
Arnaud Roulin – piano, keyboards, percussion
Frederick Galiay – bass, vocals
Edward Perraud – drums, vocals, electronics effects
Sylvain Bardiau – trumpet, bugle, vocals

8:00 PM

PRICE : 25€