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Since it was created in 2006, « Eclats d’Email » has affirmed its support to composers with this eternal desire to help you discover the talent, emotion, and writing of an artist about his/her time. Paying a tribute is part of a passion and a perfect mastery.

On August 16, 2018, the world of music was plunged into mourning when Aretha Franklin’s death was announced. The « Queen of Soul” left us then as a legacy the story of her legend, both musical and militant. As a follow-up to that death, « Natural Woman Band » was born under the impetus of Gospel soloist Tatiana Gronti. Lulled from childhood by Aretha’s music, she surrounded herself with her musical family – singers and musicians with a passion for the blues, gospel and soul musics of the 60s and 70s – to pay her a tribute through a repertoire composed of the singer’s huge hits but also of more intimate pieces.

Working and maturing during the year 2020, the band focused on a real show to the glory of that Legend, an unclassifiable artist who shone between gospel, blues, soul, Rhythm and Blues, and jazz, at the nearest and in the depths of her soul and of the enduring mark she has left. The Fall of 2021 was the opportunity for a first concert at the Metronum in Toulouse … full house and instant success, repeated a few weeks later during the « Gospel Saves Our Souls » festival. Passion is there and the mastery is perfect.

Line-up :
Tatiana Gronti – vocals, leader
Natacha Kanga – Choir, viola
Mariame Fraizy – Choir, soprano
Roger Lepreux – Keyboard, organ
Laurent Gilly – Guitars
Thibault Vigorie – Bass
Joe Klimek – Drums
Samuel Dumont – Saxophones, arrangements
Alain Cazcarra – Trumpet
Christophe Allaux – Trombone

8:00 PM

PRICE : 25€