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The most famous trombone player of the funk jazz planet will close this 17th Edition with the New JB’s ! The icon of the very high-class Funk family, Fred Wesley, has collaborated with James Brown, Maceo Parker, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins. Inspired by jazz, with hints of soul music and gospel, he makes his trombone roar these days with a new version of the JB’s. Simply mind-blowing! He invents an instantly identifiable entrancing trombone phrasing, inspired by jazz, with soul music and gospel tones. A true legend, he remains today a model for the new generation of R&B. Still an event !

Trombonist for James Brown (he’s also been his music director), Fred Wesley has a pretty good idea of what funk is ! A true legend, he has played his part in the renewal of funk jazz in the early 90s with his band, the JB’s Horns. He is the author of the famous « Hit Me, Fred: Recollections of a Sideman » (Duke University Press 2002), considered as an autobiography. Wesley is one of those musicians who have worked on numerous musical projects. He has also collaborated with Janet Jackson (« That’s The Way Love Goes ») and Nas (« Nastradamus »).

Line-up :
Fred Wesley – Vocals, trombone
Bruce Cox – Drums
Dwayne Dolphin – Bass
Peter Madsen – Piano
Reggie Ward – Guitar
Gary Winters – Trumpet
Phillip Whack – Saxophone

5:00 PM

PRICE : 25€