New meeting for the region’s musicians offering their own compositions in an environment of freedom of creation and dissemination : 100% acoustic : Songs, Americana, Jazz, Folk, Soul, Blues, etc. It is proposed by DJ Healer Selecta, aka Yvan Serrano, a talent-spotter and songwriter, whose collective of artists in London, “Raison d’Être”, has contributed to the development and discovery of numerous artists such as Charlie Winston, Portico Quartet, Dustaphonics, Mudibu/JP Bimeni, etc. The Eclats D’Email Jazz Edition festival pays attention and listens to this work essential to the emergence and recognition of talents and future talents. Next, if a festival is above all a place to meet artists, it is also sometimes the expression of curators and producers. Yvan Serrano and Jean-Michel Leygonie have known each other since 1989 and have always had this taste for discovery and sharing. Stupendous American bluesman Robert “Wolfman” Belfour will have been a very good example of such close working.

Anna BOULIC (Harp, vocals) and Arnaud CASTELLANO (Piano, flûte) – 2:00 PM

Anna Boulic is a singer, harpist, actress, vocal coach for the theatre and writer. She comes from Melbourne, Australia, and performs regularly in the Nouvelle Aquitaine region with her group, Melodicus. A respected and well-known artist for her vocal performance, Anna has won several prizes and worked in various countries around the world. In 2015, Anna left Australia and settled in France with her husband and their two young children. As of 2016, in her new cultural and linguistic environment, Anna returned to the stage and built a dedicated audience. An artist and a teacher, she also shares her art, her passion and her knowledge of the music world through singing lessons for all types of audiences. Finally, being very much involved in the artistic community of Limousin, Anna gives of her time and energy to develop and promote cultural and artistic activities in Haute-Vienne through her association.

Anyel CURREN (Vocals, Kora) – 2:45 PM

Anyel is a singer and a kora player from Limoges, with influences from Western Africa. Her music blends French songs and world music for an original result, both exotic and contemplative. A composer-songwriter, she delivers songs with introspective lyrics, using abstract and figurative to deal with serious issues such as the end of life or the violence against women. Yet, her music is never violent, it is soothing and calls for calm. Her voice is pure and bright. And the kora, a spiritual instrument with a round and luminous sound, both melancholic and heartwarming, anchors us in the earth.

SALADE SAUVAGE (Vocals, guitar) – 3:30 PM

Sarah Baaij, aka SALADE SAUVAGE, the subtle combination of gentleness and strength, of quietness and lightning. Like the drosera, she takes us on a ride through her world where flora and nature enthrall her, guide her in a serene and spiritual quest and suddenly, we feel this sting, in reaction, for protection. Flowers and Metal, an already clear dimension for this artist who will certainly add improvisation along her discovery.

Peter SHAMS – WESTERNITY JUNCTION (Vocals, guitar) – 4:15 PM

A self-taught “multimedium” musician and visual artist, Peter Shams has been composing for more than ten years a suite of musical pieces for “open-tuned” acoustic guitars in a singularly revisited folk & blues style. Propelled by the epic anima of the classical western movies from John Ford to Sam Peckinpah, he gives to listen and hear his imaginary Far West, etched in the wagon furrows of the wild west myth sublimated in technicolor cinemascope. Each one is welcome in this adventure on the trail leading to Westernity Junction !

2:00 PM