Photo : Gabrielle Reix

Suko means sap in esperanto, a kiss in Igbo, what’s on fire in Basque, tribe in Javanese, or else to stand up in Zulu… and sock in Estonian. All definitions that illustrate the fertile interactions of the four musicians.
At the crossroads of worlds, inspired by Anouar Brahem, Michel Portal as much as Pharoah Sanders, Suko offer themselves, with their open minds and hearts.
From themes that originate from the caress of the wind to the lights of extatic dances, the compositions of this young group are an ode to life, to the moment, precious and deep.

Line-up :
Loucas Estala – Soprano saxophone
Cyril Douard – Classical guitar
Laurent Mansuy – Electric guitar
Matthias Labbe – Tablas, percussions

Friday november 22
6:00 PM
BFM Aurence


Subject to available places.