Sébastien Farge

Photo : Jean-Baptiste Millot

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« Origines Symphonic », Sébastien Farge Quartet invite the Limoges Nouvelle Aquitaine Opera Symphonic Orchestra directed by Chloé MEYZIE ;

The Éclats d’Émail Jazz Edition Festival finds most of its dynamics in the support it gives to regional composers. Sébastien Farge is one of them. Present on several previous editions, from the solo to the septet with Lionel SUAREZ and Marcel LOEFFLER, including his quartet “ORIGINES”, everything has led him, for some years now, to open wide the door of jazz and improvised music. One remembers Sébastien Farge after his Grand Prix du Disque “Gus Viseur 2015” in which his stirring tribute to Jean Ségurel combined with a few personal compositions confirmed an immense talent and hinted at an unusual view of the accordion for the benefit of music itself. Inquiring and passionate about his instrument and its history, a consultant for Maugein, the last French accordion manufactory, an industrious and relentless composer, Sébastien Farge has nurtured this broadening to jazz.

With his album “Origines”, released in 2022 on the LABORIE Jazz label, Sébastien Farge, deep inside himself, had this feeling and this will to gather all that is in him in order to give the accordion new titles to conquer, the assertion of the beauty of the instrument and its sound universe. His progress into that musical aesthetic has comforted him in the eyes and ears of some big personalities, such as the late Sylvain Luc, Bernard Cavanna, Roland Romanelli and many others. A way forward is now emerging, a reality and a fact, that of a complex mechanism serving the most intense emotions thanks to an exceptional touch and style of writing. In late 2022, Jazz Magazine voted him one of the three best accordionists with Vincent Peirani and Lionel Suarez. Today, thanks to the commitment and complicity of the Limoges Opera’s administration along with the Festival, “ORIGINES” gets an XXL scope with a re-writing for the Symphonic Orchestra of the Limoges-Nouvelle Aquitaine Opera House, conducted by Chloé MEYZIE, also from the area and whose international career keeps growing.

Line-up :
Sébastien FARGE – Accordion, compositions
Amaury FAYE – Piano
Gautier LAURENT – Double bass
Francis ARNAUD – Drums

The Limoges Nouvelle Aquitaine Opera Symphony Orchestra,

Direction Chloé MEYZIE

Super solo violinist : Elina Kuperman
Violins 1: Albi Binjaku, concertmaster co-soloist / Martial Boudrant, Valérie Brusselle, Alexander Cardenas, Diane Cesaro, Junko Senzaki, Christiane Soussi
Violins 2 : Jelena Eskin, leader, soloist / Marius Mosser, co-soloist / Marthe Gillardot, Claire Khoury, Marijana Sipka, Nn
Violas : Estelle Gourinchas, solo viola / Samuel Le Hénand, co-soloist / Marie-Sarah Daniel, Fatiha Zelmat
Cellos : Julien Lazignac, solo cello / Jordan Costard, Philippe Deville, Antoine Payen
Double basses : Rémi Vermeulen, solo double bass / Thierry Barone
Flutes : Eva-Nina Kozmus, solo flute / Jean-Yves Guy-Duché solo piccolo and flute
Oboe : Eléonore Desportes, principal oboe / Félix Gefflaut, principal English horn
Clarinets : Mio Yamashita, solo clarinet / Valentina Pennisi, solo bass clarinet and clarinet
Bassoons : Frank Vassallucci, principal bassoon / Maxime Da Costa
Horns : Pierre-Antoine Delbecque, solo horn / Olivier Barry
Trumpets : Ignacio Ferrera Mena, solo trumpet / Grégoire Currit
Trombones : Hervé Friedblatt, principal trombone
Percussion : Pascal Brouillaud, solo timpanist / Alain Pelletier, 1st percussionist
Harp : Aliénor Mancip

With the support of the DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the National Music Center and the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region as part of the “Musical Dialogues” system.

Thursday november 21
8:00 PM
GRAND THéâtre Limoges

FULL PRICE : 30 € (excluding Weezevent commission)
REDUCED PRICE : For more information, please contact the Opéra de Limoges – Grand Théâtre : 05 55 45 95 95 / billetterie@operalimoges.fr