Jeanne Added

Photo : Camille Vivier

Back in 2008, Jeanne ADDED set off alone on stage and swapped her cello for an electric bass. In 2015 she released her first album, “Be Sensational”. A key figure of the French scene, armed with a loud voice and a powerful bass, Jeanne Added delivers a feverish music between electro and pop-rock, whose epidermal sincerity is only matched by her magnetic beauty. This desire to transcend genres helped her come on the way up and become one of the most interesting artists in contemporary music. Twice awarded at the Victoires De La Musique 2019 in the “female artist” and “rock album” categories for her record “Radiate”, it is with her 3rd album in 2022, “By Your Side”, that Jeanne Added strikes the perfect balance between intensity and lightness. While heading for sometimes more pop sonorities, she however does not give up her demand and search for musical accuracy. A certainly bewitching show, so radiant is her magnificent voice that wows the masses! With these few privileged concerts, Jeanne Added offers to revisit her own repertoire in acoustic version. Like a homecoming, accompanied by Bruno Ruder, a pianist with whom she forms an almost telepathic duet, she invites Naël Kaced and Laetitia N’dyaye to join them, since they were already there for her latest tour. Their music will be both minimal and powerful, definitely lyrical and sensitive. A lot of singing and a lot of piano; not to be missed!

Line-up :

Jeanne ADDED – Vocal
Bruno RUDER – Piano
Naël KACED – Choir
Laetitia N’DIAYE – Choir
Gilles OLIVESI – Sound Engineer
Benjamin RUFIE – General Management

8:00 PM


FULL PRICE : 30 € (excluding Weezevent commission)

REDUCED PRICE : For more information, please contact the Opéra de Limoges – Grand Théâtre : 05 55 45 95 95 /