Ina Forsman

Photo : Saara Taussi

Ina Forsman grew up in Helsinki and was only 6 when she decided to become a singer. And no doubt she did. She made everyone agree in 2012, at just 17, when she covered Etta James’s track “All I Can Do Is Cry” in the “Idol” TV show finale. On that day, it was clear that something was going to happen … Since then, Ina Forsman has worked really hard to become a real artist, original and creative, who does her own thing without any complex with disarming ease. She has got THE voice, a subtle and singing voice, smoky and powerful that takes the guts and never lets up until the last note of the last song. A soul and blues-drenched voice, with hints of Nina Simone and Aretha Franklin.
She released her first personal eponymous album in 2016, for which she wrote all the lyrics and part of the music. Eleven tracks that tell an artist who lives and breathes the blues, recorded in Austin, Texas. The album is the reflection of what Ina Forsman offers us on stage: it moves, it swings for real, with the vintage touch of an old-fashioned brassy Soul-Blues though seasoned with the artist’s “modern attitude”.
Energy and spontaneity in abundance, plus an innate sense of showmanship and a disconcerting ease with the audience; obviously, Ina Forsman is the one we’ve been waiting for.

Line-up :

Ina Forsman – Chant
Aaron Catrillo – Drums
Fico Jessen – GTR
Eden Ottignon – Bass
Kade Brown – Piano
Kelly O’Donohue – Trumpet
Bernard Ulrich – Saxophone

8:30 PM


FULL PRICE : 30 € (excluding Weezevent commission)

REDUCED PRICE : For more information, please contact the Opéra de Limoges – Grand Théâtre : 05 55 45 95 95 /