Photo : Sylvain Gripoix

Explicitly entitling his new album “An Indian’s Life”, double bassist and composer Henri Texier brilliantly completes a kind of informal phonographic triptych – started in 1993 with “An Indian’s Week” and continued in 2016 with “Sky Dancers” – making the Native American cause, and more, the almost mythological figure of the “Indian” both the imaginary matrix and the poetical driving force of his artistic signature. Because if in this new programme Henri Texier can finally boast of managing to enter into resonance with the Native American psyche, it is undeniably in this vital relationship to memory, to the ancestors, to tradition, that his music gets back into the game each time with such sensitivity. Henri Texier will never be an Indian, he knows that, just as he will never be Charles Mingus – but both of them meet in his music and all his genius lies in allowing us to hear his most intimate voice through this imaginary dialogue.

Line-up :

Henri TEXIER – Double Bass
Sébastien TEXIER – Alto Saxophon
Sylvain RIFFLET – Ténor Saxophon
Manu CODJA – Guitar
Carlo NARDOSA – Trumpet
Gautier GARRIGUE – Drums
Himiko PAGANOTTI – Vocals
Sound Ingineer – Boris DARLEY

8:00 PM


FULL PRICE : 30 € (excluding Weezevent commission)

REDUCED PRICE : For more information, please contact the Opéra de Limoges – Grand Théâtre : 05 55 45 95 95 /