Photo : Rémi Hostekind

The « Krakauer & Tagg’s Good Vibes Explosion » was conceived by David Krakauer and Kathleen Tagg in the midst of the pandemic lockdowns of 2020. A clarinet virtuoso, David Krakauer is today one of the most famous and emblematic figures on the New York scene of the new Klezmer music. He reinvents his ancestors’ Klezmer music with a mixture of funk, jazz and electro music. I’s a celebration and everyone is invited ! Let yourselves be carried away by the unbridled sound of David Krakauer’s clarinet and by his superb band of exceptional musicians that accompany him for an evening overflowing with joy and conviction. You will be welcomed by an MC that will invite you to join in the festivities, to plunge into your neighbours’ eyes, to welcome them and to throw yourself into the energy of the place.  And above all, in these troubled times, it’s one hell of a chance, both for the public and the musicians, to celebrate and share together a deep feeling of humanity. The opportunity to unleash a “Good vibes explosion” that contributes in its way to enlightening the world.

“It’s a breath of fresh air, an invitation to dance to klezmer music, Krakauer’s favourite playground, but also to polka, to Rumanian hora, to calypso, to Quebec’s square dancing…”  In the face of the overwhelming negativity and alarming rise of hatred and intolerance in today’s world “let’s breathe and dance together”, the two musicians proclaim in unison. More than a suggestion, it is an injunction. Patrick Labesse – Le Monde

Line-up :

David Krakauer – Clarinet, vocals
Kathleen Tagg – Piano, keyboard, cello, accordion and effects
Sarah MK – Vocals and rap
Jerome Harris – Bass, vocals
Yoshie Fruchter – Electric guitar, oud
Martin Shamoonpour – Daf and jaw harp

8:00 PM


FULL PRICE : 30 € (excluding Weezevent commission)

REDUCED PRICE JOB SEEKER : 25 € (excluding Weezevent commission)

STUDENT AND -16 : 12 € (excluding Weezevent commission)