Photo : Augustin Lepage

Grand Jury Prize – FIP Prize – 2024 Action Jazz Springboard

“Octave Potier’s steady double bass opens the ball, Simon Jodlowski’s drums settle down, equally determined, Martin Arnoux’s very electric guitar joins them, here comes an impertinent sax with its right sound slightly off-key, kinda  it’s not going to be the way you think. And we like it that way. Nice entry.

The tempo sounds fragmented, and yet springy at moments, and  makes the music mysterious. Pierre Thiot’s soprano sax, irritated – and it may just be its role – urges the wild and claiming drums to join in. Quite a debut !

Pierre Thiot has more strings to his sax and pulls out a tight sound which then widens, almost that of a trumpet but with a delicate touch like the guitar, a more contemplative moment after the superb first track.

Bewitched, that must be it, when the music winds around you, moves you by the sensitivity of the instrumentalists’ playing. A moment of grace, presumably…

At the origin, an infinite care, to bring the sound to its best expression while restoring its rightful place through the fingering skill. Then, let it come to you. The swing embraces you; the sounds touch you, and even imperceptibly, they restore its necessity”- Action Jazz La Gazette Bleue

Line-up :
Martin Arnoux – Guitar
Pierre Thiot – Saxophone
Octave Potier – Double bass
Simon Jodlowski – Drums

Wednesday november 20
4:30 PM


Subject to available places.