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With « Miss’Understood », Pierô (a singer, lyricist and composer) invites you to a return to the roots of blues, simple, true and effective, of rock, boogie and soul, alongside on stage with her musician friends, rekindling the flame in case we lost it! Miss’Understood pays tribute to French bluesman Alan Jack with whom Pierô found and shaped her voice. The Bengal tigress, as the press of the time had called her, shares with us the cult repertoire of the 70s, adorning it with unreleased tracks on arrangements of her own. Miss’Understood recorded a “Tribute to Alan Jack” album at OUI DIRE STUDIO in 2013 with her friends and bluesmen Patrick Verbeke and Benoit Blue Boy as guests.

Line-up :
Pierô – lead vocal
Phil Collas – Hammond organ
José Larraceleta – guitar
Ludovic Nagy – drums

Friday november 24
6:00 PM
BFM Aurence


Subject to available places. Tel. : 05 55 05 02 85