Photo : Didier Radiguet

The scene is set! At l’Espace de l’Irrésistible Fraternité to the sound of the bandoneon at 6:45 AM… yes, to the sound of the bandoneon, Jean-Marc Lajudie’s, the man who has devoted almost all his life to drums has been granting himself an adventure he had always dreamt of: playing, playing and again playing the bandoneon. An accordionist in his early career, this year he celebrates his 75th birthday; Jean-Marc has often wished to take the time to practice, extract, and fiddle with that instrument to  solely retain the intense emotion of its sighs and aspirations. The night will give way to daylight, Argentina and Uruguay will be there, and an irresistible fraternity will float over Limoges for one memorable morning.

Line-up :
Jean Marc Lajudie – Bandonéon