Photo : David Gallard

Typically bluegrass, acoustic, two voices in harmony and a dobro, the Bluegrass Lovers play classics of the Carter family, Bill Monroe or the Stanley Brothers. Initiated by Joachim Florent whom we had met one morning at IF playing solo double bass, and Marie-Pascale Dubé, a Franco-Quebec singer, actress and film-maker. Timeless, everyday songs that span continents. Here from the American west to the west of France, an emotion and a kind of nimbleness with finesse and delicacy.

Line-up :
Marie-Pascale Dubé – vocal
Joachim Florent – Dobro, vocal

Sunday november 19
2:30 PM

TARIF PLEIN : 15 € (excluding Weezevent commission)
TARIF RÉDUIT : 10 € (excluding Weezevent commission)