Photo : Edgar Berg

Bertrand Belin is one of a kind. For nearly twenty years now this son of a fisherman, under his Breton poet’s composure, has been setting his sharp look on a collapsing society and on individuals (he’d rather say people) who struggle with their aspirations and their destinies. A career made of songs, novels, parts in theatre or cinema, a generous course but without fuss, an irregular but lucid trajectory.

For his seventh record, “Tambour Vision”, we find the musical device dear to Belin: simple themes, repeated and catchy with variations that only attentive and successive listenings can unveil. Desiring, however, to propose something different, the Breton traded the rough minerality of “Persona” for a synthetic world in which the drum machines, the synths, and sometimes the brass instruments, sketch out a sweet electronic atmosphere that invites you to shake your heads and arms.

But beware, “Tambour Vision” is not a little electro-pop album that will help you pass the time on your way to the French Riviera or the Basque Country next summer. Because as always with Belin, music is here only to serve a voice (as mysterious and sensuous as ever) but above all the texts, crafted, free of fat, carved to the bone.

Thus as soon as the record opens: “Carnival, I saw the ass, From my head, I shouted victory, I shouted defeat”. Everything is already there: poetry, roughness, life.

Line-up :
Bertrand Belin – lead vocal, guitar
Sylvain Joasson – drums, electronic drums
Thibault Frisoni – bass, keyboard, vocal
Lara Oyedepo – percussions, keyboard, vocal
Jean Baptiste Julien – keyboard
Julien Omé – guitar
Adrien Oheix – light

8:00 PM

FULL PRICE : 30 € (excluding Weezevent commission)

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