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Aniel as a group, started in 2022 in Limoges. They offer soft, sensitive and warm music. Anyel Curren, composer, singer and leader of the project accompanies her vocals with the kora, a traditional instrument from western Africa. She proposes original compositions, with profound, poignant and luminous lyrics. After several solo concerts—including one at L’Espace Noriac for the Acoustic Club 87 during the Éclats d’Émail Jazz Édition Festival—she met the ideal musicians to accompany her. Maëlle Bousquet, an accomplished clarinettist and teacher at the Conservatoire, comes from classical music and the traditional music of Eastern-European countries. Abdel Qazdar started his career in Agadir, Morocco, and arrived in France recently, is a drummer whose jazz touch is rich with the influences of world music. As well as Sophie Curren, a self-taught professional bass player who comes from fusion rock and who has a unique playing with her 5-string fretless bass.

Line-up :
Anyel Curren – voix, Kora
Maëlle Bousquet – clarinette
Abdel Qazdar – batterie
Sophie Curren – basse

Wednesday november 22
2:30 PM


Subject to available places. Tel. : 05 55 45 19 00